June 5, 2016

Fees and Program Costs

As a Department of Education and Early Childhood Services facility our primary source of funding is through DEECD. However for the school to function effectively government provided funds need to be supplemented either by fund raising or parent contributions.

Class supply levies are small but play a vital part in the provision of programs most suitable to our children. We ask parents of school age students to make a contribution of $40 per term to help provide additional equipment and resources.

Parents are also asked to meet the costs incurred for specific programs, for example swimming, cooking, Horse Riding, bowling, camps, etc. Term accounts will be sent for these expenses and will vary depending on the programs in which your child is participating. There may be occasional additional requests for smaller items, e.g. concerts, excursions.

Parents are encouraged to pay per term but some prefer to pay in installments and this can be arranged. Special provisions exist for those parents who may find difficulty in meeting these costs by direct approach to the Principal or the Business Manager.