June 5, 2016


Transport To and From School and Designated Travel Zone

Students attending the schools may be eligible for transport support usually in the form of access to a bus or conveyance allowance.

To be eligible for travel support, students must reside within the designated transport area of the school. Transport networks do not extend beyond the designated transport area so students residing in other areas will need to arrange independent travel if they wish to attend a specific location.

We can provide advice to students and parents/caregivers on the transport support available. It is our aim to provide a safe and efficient means of transport for eligible students and the following is the transport policy agreed to by the contract bus company (Mees Buslines), DEECD and Diamond Valley SDS.

In many cases students and families accessing bus services should be prepared to contribute towards a collaborative arrangement. On many occasions it will be necessary to meet a bus at a pick-up point to assist with service efficiency and minimize travel time for all students.

Students on Transport:

  • Will not be required to travel more than 120 minutes on the bus each way.
  • Students are expected to behave appropriately at all times on the bus.
  • Students will be supervised on the bus at all times by a chaperone of the Bus Company.
  • Students must wear appropriate seat belts or harnesses at all times.
  • Students with behavioural problems are to be treated on an individual basis via consultation between parents, school and the Bus Company.

Students under School Age

There is no entitlement for students participating in Early Education Programs to DEECD transport