November 3, 2021

First Aid

Parents/carers will be contacted to collect their child from school if unwell. Parents/carers will be notified with a first aid notification and/or a phone call if their child has received any first aid at school. If any immediate danger, an ambulance will be called. Staff do not need parent consent to dial ‘000’ in an emergency, delays in these circumstances could compromise the student’s safety. All classes and main areas are stocked with a first aid kit. Staff are trained in basic first aid, CPR, anaphylaxis, asthma and epilepsy management. 

For any head injury, the Concussion Recognition Tool 5 will be used to assess the severity of the injury. If there are any ‘red flag’ symptoms, an ambulance will be called. If concussion is suspected but not a red flag, parents/carers will be contacted to collect their child from school and will be advised to seek a medical assessment. If concussion is not suspected, parents/carers will be contacted, informed of the incident/injury and then the parent/carer may wish to collect their child from school. 

If a student falls ill or is injured at school, they will generally be cared for in the classroom as this is less confusing and distressing for our students. 

For further information, refer to the DVSDS First Aid Policy.