November 3, 2021

Head Lice

If head lice is detected on a student, parents/carers will be notified and the student will be required to stay at home until after a treatment has been completed. DVSDS will send a school head lice alert to all families. 

Parents and carers have the primary responsibility for the detection and treatment of head lice. Parent/carer responsibilities include:

  • Not sending their child to school with untreated head lice
  • Regularly checking for lice or eggs in their child’s hear
  • Notify the school if their child is affected and when treatment commenced
  • Using safe and appropriate treatments

DVSDS responsibilities include:

  • Alerting parents/carers of an infestation
  • Using discretion to avoid identifying individuals
  • Encouraging parents to tie back long hair
  • Avoid learning activities that minimise head-to-head contact
  • Performing visual check of a student’s hair if head lice suspected
  • Performing a physical check by the school nurse, if head lice suspected (parent consent required)