November 3, 2021

Health Care Needs

In order to provide appropriate support to students at DVSDS who may need medical care or assistance, a Health Care Plan/Student Support Plan will be prepared by the school nurse in consultation with teachers, therapists, families and health action plans. 

Student Health Support/Care plans help our school to assist students with;

  • Routine health care support needs, such as supervision or provision of medication
  • Personal care needs, such as assistance with personal hygiene, continence care, eating and drinking, transfers and positioning and use of health-related equipment
  • Emergency care needs, such as emergency first aid associated with asthma, epilepsy, anaphylaxis or allergies.

Students with complex medical care needs, such as a tracheostomy care, seizure management or tube feeding, must have a health plan to provide staff with appropriate information and allow them to undertake specific training to meet the student’s particular needs. DVSDS works with the Complex Care Hub at the Royal Children’s Hospital to provide staff training for complex medical needs. 

At enrolment or when a health care need is identified, parents/carers should provide accurate information about the student’s medical condition or health care needs. 

At the beginning of the year, parents/carers will be invited to attend a Student Support Group (SSG) meeting to discuss the student’s medical needs and assistance required for school. 

For further information, refer to the DVSDS Health Care Needs Policy.