June 5, 2016


DVSDS comprises of purpose-designed buildings. The school facilities and equipment have continued to be enhanced as the school has extended and grown. The school strives to ensure the facilities satisfy the current and future needs of the students as well as providing an extremely pleasant place in which to learn and work.


Facilities include teaching pavilions that contain suitable bathroom and toilet facilities including hoists and aids for children with physical disabilities, kitchen and laundry facilities for the development of living skills and large and small areas for group or withdrawal learning and teaching.

The teaching pavilions are situated around a central courtyard which enables the school to come together to celebrate key events.

Spacious secure grounds provide well-defined learning and play areas. Playgrounds have been designed and enhanced to ensure students have attractive, engaging grounds with a variety of spaces and activities. Students are able to access a variety of equipment such as trampolines, sports gear, sandpits, bikes, and soft fall areas.



The horse riding program is situated in a purposefully designed space which includes a ménage, mounting station and storage facilities. The program is well resourced with riding equipment, activity equipment, horses, a horse float, poles, communication aids and augmentative communication devices.

The school hall provides a space for school concerts, presentations and a variety of gross motor programs. The area is resourced with an extensive array of physical education equipment such as mats, swings, perceptual motor program equipment and climbing frames.

The new school pool opened in 2012. It includes a spa, water exercise area, various hoists and accessibility equipment, floatation devices, swimming aids and resources.

The school has four vehicles which support community based programs.

The school’s Independent Living Centre helps our students be as independent as possible in their daily lives. The ILC has been set up like a house to aid in the generalising of skills at home and at school. It has a fully accessible kitchen, bathroom, laundry and bedroom. Each room will target specific daily living skills such as cooking a simple meal, washing clothing, making up beds or brushing teeth.

All classrooms are resourced with a variety of information technology equipment to support student’s individual learning plans and ensure student engagement. These include interactive whiteboards and LCD’s, iPads, touch screen computers, switch activated devices, multimedia equipment and various alternative and augmentative communication devices.