June 6, 2016

Early Education

Diamond Valley Early Education Program 2019

Families at Diamond Valley Early Education Program will have access to a centre based educational program with therapy support. The program offers a nurturing and effective program and is individualised for your child.  The team will work closely to establish and implement goals and outcomes across all areas.  The program is delivered by an early years teacher and follows the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework as prescribed by the Victorian Department of Education & Training.

Teacher and Therapy team will:

    • Consult with private therapy team as required (OT, SP, PT)
    • Liaise with other professionals involved with your child e.g. paediatrician and childcare educators.
    • The teacher will meet with families to create and set goals and outcomes.

Group Program and Therapy Program

    • 3 hour sessions 2 X weekly
    • Facilitated by Early Education Teacher and Educational support staff.
    • Groups will focus on individual educational goals, social in-teraction and communication.
    • 1.5  session 1 x weekly (therapy)
    • Facilitated by a therapist and classroom teacher (Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist)

Therapy programs may include  gross motor, music, fussy eating, play and communication depending on the needs of our families.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the school and ask for more information and ask for a school tour 🙂