June 6, 2016


At Diamond Valley Special Developmental School, we understand the final school years pose significant opportunities and challenges as our students approach adulthood.

We focus even greater attention on developing their independent living skills and communication to ready them for the next stage of their lives.

Vocational skills take centre stage as we show our students how to perform household chores and fulfill job expectations. Students feel great pride as they take on more responsibility around the school community.

We also connect families with adult service providers to smooth their child’s transition to the adult care environment.

Schools not yet out. We continue to work closely with parents to design the best curriculum to accommodate their child’s unique intellectual and physical needs.

Not all learning takes place within the confines of the classroom. Whether crossing the road or engaging with local shopkeepers, each outing boosts a student’s confidence to interact in the broader community.

Coupled with our art, music and sporting programs as well as camping adventures, each program is carefully planned and executed to encourage a holistic approach to learning.

Overall, our innovative and hands-on approach is geared towards students gaining practical life and communication skills to thrive independently both at home and within the school environment.

As all parents understand, adolescence brings with it the added challenges that come with the onset of puberty.

Our committed staff help students navigate the often challenging path towards puberty by reinforcing personal care and modelling appropriate behaviour as their bodies develop.

They are not alone. A specialist team of speech, physiotherapy and occupational therapists are assigned to meet the specific needs of each class.