October 7, 2020


We have a campus based in the township of Whittlesea to meet the needs of the local families. Currently we offer a prep to year 12 program individually designed to address each student’s current needs, goals and educational pathway. The new campus is expanding into a new purpose built facility in Laurel Street, adjacent to the Secondary College in June 2021. 

Each class has a dedicated Teacher and a teaching assistant.  Individual and group sessions are led by a speech pathologist, occupational therapist or physiotherapist, dependent on the daily timetable.

The Victorian Curriculum is referenced for the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) of each student. Personalised goals and lessons are timetabled alongside whole class and whole campus priority programs. Integration and reverse integration are key focus areas in every classroom room with the aim to support the personal learning and social skill development of our students through experiences in mainstream primary and secondary classrooms on a regular basis. 

The latest ICT technologies are available to the students in our classrooms. iPad based programs often form a part of a child’s learning plan, along with ITV, whiteboard technologies, touch screen computers, adapted communication devices and a range of software programs. Mainstream students and students with special educational needs can often work together on projects using the varying ICT supports available.

The specific program of each classroom varies every term. The timetable may include an aquatic program, a term of horse riding, community house programs, local charity work, work skills, music therapy, travel training, sensory gardening, cooking, photography, art, craft, Information technology, ingredient shopping, bike riding,  along with our Victorian Curriculum based lessons. 

Social skill development and civic knowledge is a priority across all of our classrooms. Excursions to access community-based facilities are a feature of every timetable as they provide our students access to a broader curriculum and associated resources allowing students to generalise their skills.