June 7, 2016

Horse Riding

Horse riding is an educational program promoting self-esteem, tolerance, trust and confidence. Students develop their communication, basic motor skills, body awareness and physical capacity.

This is a school based program with a key focus to develop communication through horse riding. The horse riding curriculum is unique to the DVSDS school curriculum and includes units in dressage, show jumping, handy mount riding and equine studies. Riders and their families share in our annual gymkhanas and competitions. A multi-model approach is implemented to meet the individual needs of the students. A specific system of program based books and boards have been created to develop student literacy and numeracy skills.

The program runs 4 days a week catering for all students in the school requesting to participate. Students are collected from their classrooms and accompanied to the horse riding area [at the rear of the school] and ride for approximately 30 mins supported by two side walkers and a coach. Each student participates in an individual lesson with individual objectives and assessments which are included in their annual report. The program is supported through a multidisciplinary approach with continual liaison with teachers and therapists providing current strategies, behavioral management plans, medical profiles and sharing and evaluation of student progress.