June 7, 2016

Personal Learning

Programs in this area focus on developing the student’s awareness of themselves, peers and their environment. The personal learning domain provides students with the opportunities to develop body coordination, spatial awareness and self-care skills. They are supported to practise these necessary skills in a functional manner that encourages inclusion within the greater community. Independence is encouraged so that the students take greater responsibility for their learning. Students learn to accept feedback in order to develop and refine their skills and abilities.

Sensory and Tactile

Developed by our occupational therapist, these programs help students develop greater awareness of their senses and to process the sensory information their body receives.

We have a multi-sensory room with funds donated by a number of philanthropic trusts. This has greatly enhanced our sensory programs. The room is fitted with a variety of sensory equipment including a bubble tube, musical tactile wall, vibrating mat, slide projector, leaf chair and aroma diffuser. All of the equipment is switch activated to provide an interactive environment.

The multi-sensory room extends the opportunities for students to experience sensory input and learn more about how they can appropriately interact with their environment. It provides the opportunity to learn skills like turn taking, grasp and release, use of switches to activate equipment, appropriate social interaction and communication skills.