June 7, 2016

Physical Education

Students learn how to control, manage and care for their body. Learners progress from the development of basis motor skills to the performance of complex movement patterns. They develop their physical capacity in areas such as strength, flexibility and endurance. Learners also develop their skills and understanding of healthy eating, the human body, social and emotional health and well being.

The school hall is utilised to run gross motor, gym, sensory, and ball handling skills. The hall also provides an area where wet weather programs and whole school functions can occur. Physical Education also includes extra curricula programs that provide students with the opportunity to enjoy outdoor sporting activities in a range of settings. Regular use is made of RMIT’s grounds and facilities as well as other local Recreational venues.

At present the school has students involved in outside sports such as football and basketball. There are opportunities to meet with other member schools of the Victorian Special Schools Association. Sporting opportunities are held in friendly settings and provide students with the chance to extend their interpersonal and social skills in the context of sport. Students find these sessions to be stimulating and rewarding.