June 5, 2016


What is a Physiotherapist?

A Physiotherapist is a university trained allied health professional whose role is to optimise the physical functioning of a person. In the early education environment we assess and assist with the gross motor development and function of the child.


What do we do?

    • Help to facilitate a child’s ability to move about their environment with assistance or independently.
    • Develop and implement various programs around a child’s needs.
    • Prescribe equipment for both early education, home environments and other settings, for example kinder or childcare (wheelchairs, standing frames, assistive walking devices, classroom and home seating in conjunction with the OT’s)
    • Work and liaise with orthotic specialists in regards to foot and leg orthotics
    • Provide support to staff and families
    • Run class sessions in conjunction with the other staff, including Conductive Education, Hydrotherapy and Gross motor programs.
    • Attend various appointments as required (wheelchair/equipment trials & fittings, specialists etc.)
    • Collaborate with private therapists to provide consistency across environments.