November 3, 2021


DVSDS is a recognised ‘Epilepsy Smart School’.

An Epilepsy Smart School is one that understands epilepsy and puts in place inclusive practices to support our students with epilepsy. 

Epilepsy is characterised by recurrent seizures due to abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Seizures can involve loss of consciousness, a range of unusual movements, odd feelings and sensations or changed behaviour. 

Students at DVSDS with a diagnosis of epilepsy or a seizure disorder must have in place;

  • An Epilepsy Management Plan (EMP) – signed by the student’s medical practitioner or specialist and provided to the school by parents/carers. The EMP provides specific information about the student’s epilepsy, defines what an emergency is for the student, the appropriate response and how the student wants to be supported during and after a seizure. 
  • An Emergency Medication Management Plan (EMMP) – if the student is prescribed emergency medication in the event of a seizure, signed by the student’s medical practitioner or specialist and provided by the student’s parent/carer. This plan provides information on the dose, route of administration and emergency response required in the event of a seizure.
  • Emergency Medication that is clearly labelled and within expiry.

DVSDS will follow the information in the EMP to provide a first aid response and post seizure support. 

DVSDS will call an ambulance immediately if;

  • It is the student’s first seizure
  • If there is no Epilepsy Management Plan
  • A serious injury has occurred
  • The seizure occurs in water
  • Emergency medication is administered

Student’s with epilepsy are required to have a current EMP to participate in the school swimming program.

All staff are trained by the Epilepsy Foundation every 2 years to provide medical assistance in accordance with the student’s EMP and EMMP. 

For further information, refer to the DVSDS First Aid Policy.