November 3, 2021

Medication At School

Any medication that requires administration at school must come to school in the original packaging, with the pharmacy label matching the information on the Medication authority form. Medication authority forms are available at the school office. These forms must be updated annually and signed by your child’s medical practitioner.

Medication administered at school will be given according to the Medication Authority form, will be checked by 2 staff and documented in a medication log. Staff will ensure that the student receives the correct medication, the correct dose, via the correct route and at the correct time of day. 

No analgesic medication is stored at the school or provided as a first aid response. The school only supplies emergency asthma relievers and adrenaline autoinjectors. 

DVSDS encourages parents/carers to administer medication where possible outside of school hours and does not allow students to take their first dose of a new medication at school in case of an allergic reaction. 

Parents/carers must update Medication Authority forms whenever there is a change in dose, route, time or a new medication. 

For further information, refer to the DVSDS Administration of Medication Policy.