June 7, 2016

Bike Education

At Diamond Valley SDS we are continually developing and extending our bike education program. With grants from a number of trust funds we have developed a ‘Cycle and Wheelchair Trail’, which provides flat areas for those just learning as well as slopes for those students who enjoy a challenge.

We have also purchased and modified a large number of bikes, trikes and push/pull toys, which allow students to participate at their own level. These include a taxi bike for students with severe disabilities, and trikes with T-bar steering to assist in the development of students’ skills and independence, as well as the more conventional 2 wheelers.

Our physiotherapists advise on the appropriate bike/trike for individual students, and programs are tailored to the individual needs of students. Bike Education is a motivating and enjoyable activity, which helps students develop coordination, confidence and improves their general fitness.