May 24, 2016


Diamond Valley Special Developmental School (Diamond Valley SDS) has been proudly educating children with special needs for over twenty-five years. We provide a safe and effective learning environment for students with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities. Our professional, empathetic and energised staff are focused on the core values of our school: respect, integrity and responsibility. We strive to confidently promote a vibrant learning community which provides inclusive and supportive educational experiences.

Staff work together with parents and carers to plan educational and developmental programs that target the needs and priorities of the individual student. The school community is proud of the innovative ways it continually adapts and improves. We harness new technologies and teaching methods to meet the ever-changing needs of our students and educational practice.

A feature of Diamond Valley SDS is our integrated curriculum, in which students’ Key Learning Areas are addressed through a variety of programs and activities. We also understand that real life experiences are the most effective and meaningful way for a student to learn. Therefore we provide a practical, diverse and comprehensive curriculum that stimulates and motives our students to learn and experience success.

We have strong links with other educational services in our area and support a number of our students through integration programs at their local schools and pre-schools. We have enhanced our learning pathways to include classrooms set in four local government schools.

Diamond Valley SDS is a vibrant school set amongst beautiful grounds. We welcome you to visit us.