June 7, 2016

Interpersonal Learning

Many programs emphasise the development of behaviours and skills that facilitate learning in all curriculum areas. These include attending skills; organisational skills to improve body function and use of materials; development of self-control; awareness of emotions and building of self-esteem. Each Student’s Support Group develops strategies for assisting in the development of appropriate behaviours. Staff are well trained in behaviour management techniques.


Students develop their interpersonal skills such as turn taking and sharing, through structured/informal play and group activities. The learn how to interact with peers and others in a positive, fair, respectful and friendly manner. Interpersonal learning provides students with the opportunity to learn how to initiate, maintain and manage positive social relationships. Students develop their turn taking, sharing and play skills. They develop a sense of belonging and learn how to deal with their own emotions. Students learn about appropriate social conventions within the classroom and broader community.